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The best and small size game

Game lightweight and small in size but the best game I've played in a long time

Thousands of games are available today in our hands, from Android games and Windows games, and even games of different platforms such as PlayStation or Xbox, Well that's wonderful, but if you're a fan of games you must have begun to feel that most of these games have become a mere repetition of other games, only and often we do not see anything new, where they are changing the characters and the story a little bit with the addition of new monsters, but in the end, the rest of the fight game all you have to do is shoot enemies, so if you're bored of all this, dear reader, must be the subject you'll like it, so we opted for your sake a very special game, where even though they shooting game but it does not look like any game launch another fire, never.
Superhot game
The name of this game is (Superhot), the game is simple and extremely extremely small size, and available on several different platforms from Windows, Linux, and Xbox, but what makes this distinctive from other game, it's a method own play, which allows the player to control in time where nicely, where the idea of the game depends on the person, the access to a given company's network, and is thought to be just a game, and while playing inside, begins Thread complex on the inside, and starts getting strange messages, and communicate with people who do not know them through the game.
 Superhot game
As for how to play, it is the special thing in this game, where time moves in the game, when you move, or if you have remained standing, will be a constant game completely and nothing is moving in, and when one of them shot on you, you can stop, even stand the bullet in the air, and then determine to which direction you go to avoid the shot, and then you move, so that the time to start moving again.
Superhot game
It is worth mentioning, you start at the beginning of each stage, without any weapon, but you find either of weapons on the ground, and either you're going to beat up enemies with your hands, to take their arms, and after the end of each stage, are presented all what you've done at this stage rapidly, so your movements characteristically show, while you avoid the shots and battling enemies.
Superhot game
Despite the simplicity of this game, and small size, but it is one of the games, the most memorable in terms of the idea, but it suffers from the problem of weak graphics, with an emphasis on playing style, and to make it a game lightly, for any operating system, where I think if it can the company has launched this game, with some new improvements, such as better graphics, and style action game, in addition to increasing the number of weapons in the game.
Superhot game
Short game a little bit, where I have to end it completely, in about five hours, or a little more, the game starts out very simple manner, as you will win, the first task easily often, but things will begin to complex shortly afterwards, where you may find yourself in a cell, and five or six people shoot at you at the same time, and you have to overcome all of them.
SuperHot game
The game is very special, dear reader, if you like adventure games, and you want to play distinguishable from the other game, traditional games, you can now play this game on your PC no matter what the specifications, and through download from the official website for the game over the following link:

Rose Gold Ring $ 0.01

STR-0200 Heartbeat Laser Etched Stainless Steel Rose Gold IP Band Ring 

Rose Gold Ring
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Best apps for Android free Download

A new set of distinctive apps and games for Android devices

As usual, dear reader, between time to other, I'll Share with you, some of  free and paid Android  games And apps.
Android apps

Photomath - Camera Calculator

Photomath - Camera Calculator

The app name seems to us that has to do with math, well simply does this apps to dissolve the various mathematical equations quickly with a lot of great choices that the most important is reading the equations that you want to be solved by the camera, all you have to do is write the equation and photographed by the camera, in order that app to dissolve the equation, and the apps offers the solution step by step to be able to understand how to solve the equation, in addition to being recognized by handwriting, so you can enter what you want by typing instead of using the keyboard, also provides, smart calculator, which is available free of charge for devices that are running Android, and you can download it from the Google Play store with ease via the following link:

2. Game Amaze:

Game Amaze
It may seem at first glance to be one of simple mazes games, that we all know, but it is not so, where this game is characterized by its own style play, although the ultimate goal is to get out of the maze as soon as possible, but they offer a lot of puzzles to players, there are a large number of different mazes, there are dangerous enemies in the maze, and some tools to help you. For example, if you feel you can no more progress, you can use a compass or a shield or other tools, so as to provide a lot of entertainment and fun for the players, with more than 90 different maze, which is available for devices running Android system, priced at only $ 1.99, and you can get from Google Play store with ease via the following link:

Womens Jewelry for free

BOHG Jewelry Womens 925 Sterling Silver Plated Cubic Zirconia CZ Princess Crown Tiara Ring Wedding Band

Womens Jewelry

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  • Including one black velvet bag printed "BOHG".
  • Color: silver
  • Material: Brass plating of silver, safe for sensitive skin
  • Width: 10mm
  • Available sizes:5,6,7,8,9,10
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Five Cool add-ons for Google Chrome

Five Cool add-ons for Google Chrome necessary for everyone, especially students

Despite all the interest offered by the Internet, which, for those who used the right way, there remain some nagging the problems. For example, most Internet sites containing many things dispersion of the person who is reading such as ads, in addition to the existence of various means of communication, that may distract your thinking and may forget what you want, so now we'll talk about a range of Google Chrome add-ons that help you focus and organize what you are doing, is necessary for everyone, especially the students so that they can take advantage of the Internet well without dispersion found in it.
Chrome Extensions For Students
1- Readability:

As I talked earlier, when you log in to any site on the Internet, you will notice the presence of an abnormal number of things that occupy you for what you are reading primarily on-site, for example, you find in most of the sites on the Internet, ads, side lists, Widget and many others, here are these wonderful addition benefit, where it will show useful content of the page, which you are reading it, so just keep the text, images and links, to enable you access to what you want more focus, without you distracted as there is in the page of other things, and you can get it on  Chrome shop via the following link:. (Link added Readability in Chrome shop)

Strict Workflow
2- Strict Workflow:

With the large number of things, which provide entertainment on the Internet, such as social networking and online games, or even watch videos, etc., used for the study will be difficult, where you will find that you spend most of your time on the Internet, on the things that are not useful without you feel and here comes the usefulness of this tool, where it's used distinctive style in the division of time when using the Internet, where it asks you to develop a set of sites that distracting from your core business, to play this addendum to ban these sites for 25 minutes, and then allow you to use it for 5 minutes rest for you, and then go back to blocked for 25 minutes, and so on, you can get from a store Chrome via the following link:
 Strict Workflow option
(Link added Strict Workflow in the Chrome store)

3- Note Board:
Note Board

The best way to do anything, is to write notes all the time, so you can see what you want to do without forgetting some of the details, here's the benefit of addition Note Board, it is distinctive addition, offers you a board to write notes, with a lot of great features. for example, you can create more than one board, so that the notes are divided into sectionssuch as notes to work, and other to study, etc., in addition to the many options to customize each note separately, you can get from the Chrome store via the following link:
(Note Board addition a link in Chrome shop)

4- My Study Life:
 My Study Life:

it is a distinguished addition to make a list of what you need to do, and scheduling your tasks, from the rows that you must attend, duties, etc., so you can get through it on the list of what you have to do every day, in addition to alerting you for upcoming appointments, which you must to prepare, you can obtained from the Chrome store via the following link:
(Link addition My Study Life in the Chrome store)

5- Google Dictionary:
Google Dictionary

A necessary addition to everyone, it's the most important, where you can get the meaning of any word you want, easily, Once you click it twice, to show explanation in a bubble above the word, with access to more options and annotation by pressing more, such as hearing the word and get translation and others, you can get from the Chrome store via the following link:
(Google Dictionary Add in the Chrome store link)

In conclusion, the use of this group of add-ons in your browser will make use of the Internet, more useful and productive, away from the distractions and wasting time on entertainment sites, social networking, and advertisements.

FIFA 2017 specifications required in your system

Specifications required to run for the FIFA 2017 game on your system

Gamers are always waiting for, the new in any game, for more excitement and thrill, it's no different as well as for game lovers of FIFA or football, with the evolution of the game and the introduction of updates to it. Game lovers are seeking to find out where the new, from the clothes, the voices, the fans and also the suspension and commentators, and find out the latest versions of the game, and try to upgrade their computers in order to fit the evolution of the game, with the issuance of the new FIFA 2017, and due for release in September or October 2016, we will learn about the required hardware specifications in order to fit them to play the game without any problems.
FIFA 2017 Esport
The official version of the game priced at about 45 euros, while you can get a free version of the game from the following URL.
FIFA 2017

Now we will learn about features of the new release of FIFA 2017:
The game is characterized by higher GPU and its distinctive design.
The possibility of modifying the places players on the pitch and adjust their tasks.
Voices and new ways in suspension for more than a thrill.
New clothes for the players and great kinds of shoes.
New stadiums.
Watch the Euro 2016 teams of the 24 teams such as Iceland and Wales.
Skills and new tactics and plans in play.
The emergence of best international stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo.
FIFA 2017 sports
Now we learn of the specifications required to run the game on your computer, and will explain the best specifications required to run the game and also lower specs to run the game:

First: best specs to run the game on your system:
System: Windows 7 - 64- bit
Processor: Core i5-2550K 3.4GHz or FX-8120
Ram: 8GB
Storage space for the game: 16 GB
Graphics card: Radeon HD 6970, GeForce GTX 570
DirectX: 11.0

This is the best and the standard to run the game on your system efficiently and without any problems due to the large size of the game and multi-GPU systems and impacts their specifications.

Second, regular specifications to run the game on your system:
System: Windows 7 -64-bit
Processor: Core i3-550 3.2GHz or Phenom II X3 715
Ram: 4GB
Storage space: 16 GB
Graphics card: Radeon R7 250 v2 2GB, GeForce GT 640 v3
DirectX: 11.0
And you can learn about the possibility of a suitable your PC to run the game or not through the site
Game Debate

Important note: FIFA Soccer 2017 running on 64-bit operating systems, and do not support 32-bit operating systems due to the high potential of the game.

Paid programs, but free for you

Best sites, offering exclusive offers, to get paid software free of charge

Certainly it is annoying when you're in dire need of a particular program, and when you want to download it from the Internet, you are surprised that the program is paid, or sometimes find free versions and paid, but certainly the free version will not give you all the requirements of this program.
We have reviewed with you beforehand many distinctive competitions, to get as many of the programs are free, but you have to realize that there are also Web sites based on this matter is to provide competitions and offers exclusive (Giveaways) a day, then you can whereby access to software paid for free. In this article we will present you some of them.

download free now

Certainly questions in your mind now, one of them why these sites give us a paid software free? What interest earned by the owners of the sites, and how do they get them? The answer, these sites offer these offers in order to bring the visitors to their sites, and thus will receive a profit through advertisements.
They get it either through cooperation with the developers of programs to provide free copies for visitors in order to increase the number of users of a program, or the site to buy software if the price is cheap and they provide free of charge, also noted that these sites do not offer all the programs are free, but discounts on the availability of the paid version to be purchased at a lower price.

1. site: Shareware On Sale

Site (Shareware On Sale) is the oldest and best sites in this area, which offers many deals a day to get the software for Windows, Mac, and applications of Android paid free of charge or at a lower price in addition to video games as well, and featured on the site is to provide the famous and high-price programs, you can get them through it for free, by activation keys that you'll get them, after doing create an account on the site, and then press a button Yes, i want this program down, to move to a new page to download the software + the serial and activated easily.

2. site: Comss
site: Comss

Site: Comss is a very special location, is a Russian site, then maybe you will have difficulty in browsing, because of the language, but you can find programs and knowledge, through the icon, and what prompted me to add on this list, is it contains many famous and well-known paid programs , which you can get them easily for free.
It also is marked as from the above picture, updated constantly, as  the site provide new activation keys, a day for programs available within the show, or the Giveaway, and you can get them without the need to create an account, just after entering the program will find download link and serial which you can use to get a paid version.

3. site: Bitsdujour
Site: Bitsdujour is also another site, to get the hundreds of computer-paid programs, free of charge or purchased a very low price for the real price, as well as the site is not limited to providing a variety of programs for Windows, but also Mac and iOS for cell phones iPhone from Apple.
Once you visit the site you will need to create a new account first, and then browse the offers and deals available on the main page, and you can mouse geared toward PC section above to view programs rankings. In any case after the entry of view of one of the programs by clicking on the button will be displayed View Deal About the program button GET IT FOR FREE After pressing it will send a message to your e-mail containing the code to activate the program to get it for free.

4. site: Windows Deal
site: Windows Deal
Site: Windows Deal As its name suggests, is a site that offers discounts and deals for PC software intended for Windows operating system, but before you can download any of the free programs, you will need to create a new account on the site, by simply pressing the button Download the bottom of the program, will take you to checkout page, which you through which confirm to get this program, to be sent an activation code to your email.